The Unknown Cities

2019 Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture

4 piece of generative 3D-printing, Resin

Author: Yan Wu, Yu Chen, Yufan Xie,

The project is series of 3d-printing based on fiction “9 City, Millions of Future” by Yan Wu. The fiction discribed a process of returning territory from city to nature, transitting the earth to a planet of nature. After several fascinating and upset seasons, we finally find a proper way of “returning” and ways to compress, transmit and expanding cities on new planets.

In our story, when the ending of earth – Crystal Season starts, artifacts of human era begin to shrink, fade and crystalize, and we human will also fade away. But this process is a new birth, instead of death – which creates new realtionship between human and nature, and new forms of city and architecture in new space.


2019 UABB Shenzhen Binnale Exhibition, Shenzhen

2020 Art NOVA 100, Beijing

2021 Sci-Ficene, Art and Science Concept Exhibition, Beijing

Underwater City

Symbiosis of artificial structure and nature.

City of Pipeline

Intertwining structure in cope with extreme drought climate change.

Floating City

Swarm city of highly fluid cluster

Hyper-plastic City

Hyperplastic City