Differential Growth - 2022.06

Skeleton Physarum - 2022.04

Skeleton Physarum - 2022.03

Remastered KD Tree system tes, with BAD APPLE.

Skeleton Physarum - 2022.02

Skeleton Physarum system tes, with BAD APPLE.

Focal Lapse - 2022.02

Focal Lapse - 2021.07

Check out “Focal Lapse”! The project is live on 2022 “Vision Shenzhen” projection show.

Processing Visual Studies - 2020.09

A bunch of studies on Dragonfly Eyes, just curious how monitor works and how messages are passed through the network.

Focal Lapse Studies - 2020.07

Well…. the earliest version of Focal Lapse, tested with camera reprojection and perspective distortion. The scene is captured and reprojected with slight offset of camera position/rotation/FoV. With a frame buffer the differences are enlarged by frames creating a liquid visual effects.

Feedback System - 2020.04

The earliest version of Skeleton Physarum .

“Constructing a loop of self-reading and producing between two types of machine, trivial deviation can be magnified, a self-organizing form is created. Though no actual behavior is scripted in such a system, it still develops a physarum-like pattern.”

i n f i n i t e TSCHUMI DRAGON DREAM FEET - 2020.03

 Resonating with the original DRAGON DREAM FEET by LENNOZ    Twitter Link

Quote Dopi’s comment: “master shape mover” – yes Tschumi did wanna be a Master Shape Mover in his “Manhattan Transcript”

Remastered KD Tree - 2020.03

The remastered version of KD Tree, using C#. Much much faster and more controllable.

Visual Study 2019.08

Geometry based volumetric fog

Visual Study 2019.04

Particle System - 2019.03

When doing a circle/sphere packing algorithm, I randomly achieved this weird system. Seems to be a random error in point sorting, which throwing them away and attracting them back again and again.

Upgrades - 2018.11

Just for fun! My last Oto MAD video, using quad tree image reconstruction – just everything keyboard! I was so crazy abou Raven and just couldn’t help imitating his style.

Differential Growth - 2018.08

The first 3D Differential Growth in C#, following tutorial by Long Nguyen.

Visual Study - 2018.04

Looks Raven? Yeah I was so crazy about his work.

Particle Growth - 2017.08

Back in 2017, I really wanted to make a cellular growth system like Andy Lomas, so I stupidly using physic simulation and recursive solver to build such a primary growth system. Well it was not perfect but it worked.

Path Seeking System - 2017.04

First time start using a loop to build a generative system, very basic. I was so much inspired by Raven Kwok.

Fractal Study - 2016.12

First time start using a loop to build a fractals.

Gravity Center - 2016.04

My first procedural/parametric architecture design, also the first project in Grasshopper.

Minimal Surface Study - 2015.09

My first geometry experiment, on minimal surface.