Generative Sound Synthesis

Sonarium – Sonar Vivarium

How do we hear a shape? Sonarium explores sonification with landscaping and generative forms. User interactions and spatial informations are transformed into generative audio narrative in real-time. Such soundscape creates an emotional connection between the atmospheric space and audience. 

Can visual and spatial messages present as acoustic? Is generative algorithm capable of audio storytelling, not in a visualization way, but using Sonification/Pulsed Melodic Audio Processing concepts?


Powered by Unreal Engine Metasound

Sonarium at 2023 BMAB (Beijing Media Art Binnale)

Sonarium at Spectra PRISM Show

Sonarium - Micro Planets

The sound of generative planets, in a forest.

Sonarium - Dust

Build a little garden, with sound.

Sonarium - Early Stage Demo