The Evolution of Spatial DAW System

What is the relationship between visual, music and architecture, or space? How do we explore narratives and interfaces by non-visual means of time and sound, beyond the general concept of visualization and materialization? How do we implement space as a means for acoustic narrative, which helps people, especially visually impaired person to participate decision making and production? 

Driven by such questions, multiple explorations on spatial DAW system started in 2019.

Spatial Live Set

Inspired by structure of Live Set Performance, as an allegory to urban space structure. The system enables performance through gestures.

Spatial Modulation

Continuing the idea of Spatial Live Set, this system enables explores accessibility and interactive music with Distance-related Audio Effect Modulation in AR/XR. It informs user audio cues, and reshape audio narrative with instructed movements of user.

Recursive Musical Structure

From a HRTF spatialization and Spatial Modulation standpoint, the system provide multi-branch and ever-evolving musical narrative enabled by audience.. With speaker arrays of installations, this system provide advanced human-centered experience in the sound-field.