Generative Systems and Articles.

Temporal Architecture – Tuning Data, Message and Perception with Spatial Music System

Abstract This article explores the dominance of ocular-centric culture in art, design, and architecture, which often overshadows non-visual forms of participation. This bias extends its influence into sound and music, traditionally limiting audience interactivity and reinforcing a linear, static mindset. The widespread acceptance of this sensory bias, both by audiences and creators within the industry, […]

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Focal Lapse – the First Story About Deviations

Intro This is a story about deviations, errors, and recursions. In late 2018, when I was preparing my portfolio for master degree, I was thinking about a question – it’s a common thing when we consider issues in a perfect condition and introduce imperfections later as we move into physical world. Errors are always defined […]

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Architecture – the “ART” of Drawing

Architecture education, architectural design, media, and digital fabrication—these domains, though part of a cohesive system, often appear disconnected from one another. The gap between architectural education and practical reality widens due to the constraints of traditional mediums and tools. While education claims to prepare future architects, students may spend decades achieving professional competence. The tools […]

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Binary Tree Derivatives

This is a brief research project during my Bachelor graduate design. I worked on several derivatives of Binary Tree algorithm, which was implemented to generate grid system for my project “GAP+”(

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Self-organizing : System of Basic Behaviours

Self-organizing is a generative project I launched since 2017 September. The whole system is based on 4 basic behaviours – growth and death abstracted from DLA system, as well as repelling and attracting abstracted from Differential Growth. Behaviors are applied to particles according to density. It’s a hybrid system of basic behaviors, which produce diversified […]

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Differential Growth Research

Intro About in 2016, accidently by a workshop held in CAFA, Chritoph Klemmt presented his research on Cell Based Venation Systems and works from Andy Lomas and Deskriptiv, since then I was deeply attracted by generative form and beauty of self-organizing – in which Differential Growth – a typical algorithm took far-reaching impact on my […]

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Hello UVN!

Hello UVN! 2015/02.28 – this is the birth of UVN, and birthday of the author. UVN – 3 fundamental dimensions of visual coordinate system – our sight. UVN – UVAN – UFAN – YUFAN I’M MULTIDIMENSIONAL I’M MULTIDISCIPLINARY I’M MULTIIDENTITY I’M NOT DEFINED

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